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Nothing currently scheduled as I'm producing a romantic comedy ANNALIESE! ANNALLIESE!. See Storycraft Training link at left for the on-ling verion of my 2-3 day workshop.

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Past Participant Comments

After my workshops I am the receipent of a great many compliments for which I am very grateful. I've stopped posting them because after a while I might actually believe them.

Also see the Endorsements from A-listers and other names.

  • I've attended every screenplay seminar in Hollywood, including Robert McKee's STORY, and the Moral Premise Workshop is better than all of the rest put together. It was fantastic.
  • Passionate and exciting presentation
  • Excellent workshop. Very informative, educational, and friendly. I would encourage anyone to take this class.
  • You are to be commended for giving of your time and knowledge so freely. I learned so much in so short a time. Now I'm going to devour your book.
  • Letter from attendee.
  • Thank you for writing this book and dealing with this important aspect of filmmaking.
  • A real delightful discovery
  • Applaudibly organized - excellent use of each minute.
  • The examples and clips were excellent.
  • Thank you for providing a hand out of your slides so we didn't have to take as many notes.
  • Thorough coverage of the material and illustrated with film clips.
  • Stan was great.
  • Great session. Great book.
  • The Moral Premise workshop was an excellent overview and straight forward method to writing a meaningful, powerful, screenplay. I've read several books and attended several college level courses and weekend workshops. Dr. Stan's workshop was very easy to understand and explained it in a clever manner. The workshop was a great way to instill the methods and make sure the attendees understood the material.
  • Kept my interest throughout.
  • The content flow and movie examples made it intriguing
  • This seminar will significantly streamline the screenwriting process for those who understand the principle. Well worthwhile!
  • Very clear and precise presentation.
  • I really liked the 13-point three-act structural parts diagram. Very clear on how and why movie scripts do or don't work.
  • As a new screenwriter, I found this workshop to be very informative and I loved the interaction. Thanks for giving me a moral foundation.
  • I needed something to reign in the passion I had for a story I've struggled with, and I think this seminar did it. A day well spent.
  • The whole day was so worthwhile. To gain a better understanding of structure in writing scripts, appreciating films and intelligent moral premise discussions, I highly recommend Stan Williams' workshop and book The Moral Premise. By bringing ideas of the story I've been working on to the workshop allowed me opportunity to give it the much needed structure.
  • The Moral Premise Workshop taught us a lot about the important aspects of movies and storytelling.
  • Thanks for being available during lunch for questions.

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