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PO Box 29, Novi, MI 48376
Ph: 248-344-4423


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Nothing currently scheduled as I'm producing a romantic comedy ANNALIESE! ANNALLIESE!. See Storycraft Training link at left for the on-ling verion of my 2-3 day workshop.

"The most powerful tool in my new tool box."
Will Smith

"A total game changer. The Moral Premise gets your story (and all your characters) working for you, instead of the other way around."
Michael Jann, Sr. Writer, Tonight Show with Jay Leno

"The Moral Premise dares to suggest that movies might actually mean something."
Chris Vogler, "The Writer's Journey"

"Thanks for the great book. I will recommend it to all my classes."
Blake Snyder, WGA, Author "Save the Cat"

"An incredibly practical and helpful tool that should be taught in every film school."
Marianne & Cormac Wibberley, WGA (National Treasure and National Treasure: Book of Secrets)

"Stan, You are a light and an incredible gift! Thank you for your insight and innovation.The Moral Premise: It's Amazing!"
DeVon Franklin, VP, Sony Entertainment
Author, "Produced by Faith."

"Should be required reading, retroactively, for every working Hollywood screenwriter."
Brian Bird, WGA, Producer

"Thank you, thank you, thank you for your wonderful Moral Premise, and for all you've done for me and my writing, Stan."
Tamera Alexander, Novelist

"This is really an important book."
Derek Rydall "The Script Doctor"

"Drop all of your 'to-do' lists, get this book, and curl up for the read of your screenwriting lifetime."
Dave Anderson, President, Compass Film Academy

Aspiring or working screenwriters - I have a tip for you. Buy the THE MORAL PREMISE by Stanley D. Williams and read it twice.
Paul Lalonde, Chairman, Cloud Ten Pictures

"More than a must-read; it is groundbreaking."
Curt LaLonde

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Writing Aids

Mugs for Story Writers (below)
The Story Diamond (scroll down)
Bookmark-Checklist (scroll down)

Mugs for Story Writers

Imagine, on your mug, in front of your eyes as you write, a colorful list of the 11 Imperatives of Successful Stories. Or, a graphical reminder of the five essential elements and 7 implicit elements of a marketable log line. Or the construction of the moral-physical premise that describes how each character must arc.

You can order these mugs at the Moral Premise Story Shop.

For an explanation of the Log Line graphic click HERE for this website's expalnation, or HERE for a blog post about it.

For an explanation fo the Story Mug Shot graphic LINK HERE

For an explanation fo the Moral Premise mug graphic LINK HERE

Story Mug Shot
11 oz (front)

Story Mug Shot
15 oz (back)

Log Line Construction
11 oz (front)

Log Line Construction
15 oz (back)

Moral Premise Mustard Mug
11 oz (front)

Moral Premise White Mug
15 oz (back)

Moral Premise Blue Mug
11 oz (front)

Moral Premise Green Mug
15 oz (back)

Regular and Large mugs available with backgrounds of white, mustard, green, or blue.

Let us know if these are helpful, and if there's anything else we can provide. At some point I'll post a full explanation of what's on these two designs, although if you've read my book or attended a workshop I think you already know and you just need a reminder everytime you grab your drink.

The Story Diamond

Click the images below to download a pdf of The Story Diamond (Color) Key, the Blank Document, or The Story Diamond Annotations as they relate to the Moral Premise Statement (MPS).

Please send your email suggestions and comments to Stan AT

Click the images below to download a pdf of The Story Diamond (Color) Key, the Blank Document, or The Story Diamond Annotations as they relate to the Moral Premise Statement (MPS).

Please send your email suggestions and comments to Stan AT

Click to Download
Story Diamond Key

Click to Download
Story Diamond Blank

Click to Download
Diamond MPS Annotations

The Moral Premise Bookmark Checklist

A bookmark-checklist that will help you write stories and screenplays better has been prepared. If you'd like a "physical" Moral Premise Bookmark-Checklist (2.75" x 8.50" with 14pt UV coating on both sides), send me a No. 10 SASE to Moral Premise Bookmark, P.O. Box 29, Novi, MI 48376, and I'll send one to you, FREE.

The picture above is old, the new list of story secrets found on the back of the bookmark as of August 20, 2013, is displayed to the right. Practice them and succeed. Ignore them at your peril.

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